Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Awe And The Joy

Well folks, I've never linked you to another post by someone else and sent you on to read that, but I feel this one is worth your time. Anya has hit the nail on the head and I couldn't have done it any better than she did, even if I did trust myself to try explaining such an indescribable thing. Please stop by and read her beautiful post about the awe and the joy.

Seize The Day!


Anya said...

I'm afraid that your opinion of my intelligence is about to go way down... *cough*... you see, I came over to your blog and saw the title and thought, "Oh my! She posted about the same thing I did!" And yes, I had already read your comment saying that you were linking to me... *me smacking myself in the head*

Anyway, thank you! Especially for your kind words, even more than the link. :) It was great talking with you today.

Anya said...

Good, I think you'll enjoy A Severe Mercy... it will probably also make you cry, but... oh well.

I have that Starfield CD! Yes, I think they are a little more mature than Relient K... Starfield has some very beautiful music, very worshipful.

I will read The Ballad of the White Horse soon. :) You and Raora have given it such glowing recommendations that I'm convinced I'll have no peace at all until I do. ^_^

Sisters can be a lot of fun to read with. Miss Dance and I were laughing ourselves silly yesterday over passages in My Family and Other Animals.

Have a lovely day!

Becc@ said...

Wow! That picture is SO beautiful!!!
Thanks so much for the post!!!