Thursday, October 2, 2008

The First Movie

Check out the project I have been working on with Raora

With the participation of our younger brother and sister and some friends who came up for the weekend we've put out our first film production. Unfortunately the film quality is not very pristine, but our equipment is a little limited:) We're currently planning another video and working on picking up more people to cast - hey, if you want to star in your first movie, drop by and we'll cast you! :)

Seize The Day!


Anonymous said...

That's great! I'd love to be in one of your movies. It sounds fun:)

~Faith B

Anya said...

Great job... looks like fun... I FINALLY watched it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Strongjoy!
I really enjoy reading you and your sister's blogs... you write great book reviews. I am also a big Huge GINORMOUS C.S. Lewis and Tolkien fan, and love to read practically any classic. I'd LOVE to star in my first movie, preferably as Galadriel, Goldberry, or Jill Pole, but unfortunately I live way too far away for that. Boo-Hoo :(

Toodle Pip,

Anne Eisnevep

Hope you can post more often!!

Anne-with-an-E said...

Hallo Strongjoy!

I love reading you and your sister's blogs... I think we have alot in common- especially as far as books and writing goes- and I am also being Charlotte Mason homeschool-erised. Nicely done on the movie! Unforunately, since I live in Europe at present, I can't come and star in my first movie (preferably as Goldberry, Galadriel, or Jill Pole) :(

Keep up the good writing!


Anne Eisnevep

StrongJoy said...

Hey Anne!

Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you- I've been REALLY busy taking care of our goats. We got four baby doe-kids this week!

You live in EUROPE!!! Wow, you are so lucky! I love Europe, although I've only spent time in Wales and London. I've only been to Germany, France and Switzerland for layovers at the airport :) (I grew up in Turkey, so I've done a lot of traveling and I LOVE to travel overseas.)

I really appreciate your comments and I'm so glad you stopped by...

Seize The Day!

anne said...


Oh! I am so embarressed! I posted
two comments on accident, because the first one I wrote I thought I lost! Oh dear! Well, I'm sure you understand, and hope you don't think I'm awful impatient or something like that. Oh, my face is burning!

Congratulations on your goats! I used to have sheep, but that was back in America. We had two for about six months or something like that.

It has been nice to chat with you...

Anne Eisnevep

Lucie said...

Hello, Strongjoy! I have been commenting on your sister's blog for some time, so I thought that I would come on over and comment on yours. I is very interesting to read, so keep up the good work. :)

Lucie said...

Sorry,I don't want to clutter up your inbox, but I just noticed that last part to your post. To bad you probably live across state from us. :)