Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So This Is Christmas

Some things I'm loving about this Christmas in Texas:

Our 9 foot tree- big, like everything else in Texas!

Christmas music on the radio - (one of the greatest thing about being back America!)

My Celine Dion Christmas CD:

(Especially the songs, "War Is Over," "God Bless Us Everyone", "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "O Holy Night" and...- well, all the other ones :) )

The Christmas Carol:

My favorite Christmas Movie

Our fireplace that actually works!

(Almost every one of the many houses I lived in overseas had a fireplace- that didn't work.)

The chocolate popcorn my aunt sent:


(I don't actually have the album but I heard "Trains and Winter Rains" on the website and as soon as the CD hits the stores here - and my wallet recovers from Christmas - I will have it. )

Being able to play Christmas songs on the guitar at last! (Especially "O Come All Ye Faithful")

(Let me tell you: Christmas songs on the guitar is no joke. Every syllable is a different chord.)

We have goats this year! These are three of the one-month old kids. The music is from Loreena McKennit's "Good King Wenceslas" and I'm the one filming...

Just being here with my whole family, everyone safe and healthy...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too - and God Bless Us Everyone!

Seize The Day!


Lucie said...

But you missed the one "not-so-great thing"--if you're dreaming of a white Christmas, forget it!

Anyway, looks like you are going to have a great Christmas...


Anonymous said...

I think your goats are so cute!!!!
I hope y'all have a great Christmas!!!

~Faith B.

Anne said...

Oh! That makes me exited about the season! WOO-HOO Texas!!!! I didn't know you lived there. We just came from near the Pan-handle area on the border.I miss it so bad! Very sweet goat movie.

And that is my favorite version of a Christmas Carol. The old one is fine but not as good.

Merry, Merry Christmas, and you enjoy Texas :)


Everly Pleasant said...

Merry Christmas To You and Your Kin!
I looks like you've started off the season splendidly. I'm very much enjoying it myself.
The goats are so cute!
And, congratulations on the fireplace. I've had similar experiences. Unfortunately, this year, my dad is remodeling our den, so our t.v. is in front of our living room fire place! Which, of course, makes it useless!
Oh well, it is hot here anyway!

Lucie said...

I don't know if you accept blog awards, but if you do there's one over at my blog waiting!

Anya said...

Merry Christmas, my dear! It was wonderful talking with you the other night. :)

Much love,