Friday, April 10, 2009

Answers to the "Cultural Literacy and Goats" Quiz

Sorry this is a little overdue, folks. I've been sick with the flu and had visitors over this week. But here are the answers to the quiz....and our winner is..........Miss Eyebright! Congratulations! You take up the lead with 20 correct answers out of 28.

MarthaH605 came in 2nd place with 17 correct answers.

Good job and thank you to everyone who took a guess!

1 Carmen - from the opera, "Carmen"
2 Princess Leia - from Star Wars
3 Kızıl Ok - Turkish for "Red Arrow"
4 Jason Argonaut - The mythological character Jason who went after the golden fleece
5 Rosie Cotton - from "The Lord Of The Rings"
6 Catriona - From the book of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson (it's the sequel to "Kidnapped" and the character Catriona is portrayed in the BBC version of the movie. Awesome version, by the way)
7 Torfrida - from the book "Hereward The Wake" by Charles Kingsley
8 Good Queen Bess - nickname of Queen Elizabeth I of England
9 Boudicca (Boadicea) - from British history
10 Brunhilde - one of the Valkyries (portrayed in Wagner's Ring Opera)
11 Gazelle - just named after the animal
12 Marie Antoinette - Former Queen of France (a person I have great sympathy for)
13 Myrtle Hardbottle - from "The Lord Of The Rings"
14 Wendy Moira Angela Darling - from "Peter Pan" by James Barrie
15 Rose Salterne - from "Westward Ho!" by Charles Kingsley
16 Jerusha - a name from the Bible. Also an unsavory character from "The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew"
17 Sassafras - named after the plant
18 Thing One - from Dr. Seuss' "The Cat In The Hat"
19 Thing Two - from Dr. Seuss' "The Cat In The Hat"
20 Bambi - from the book "Bambi"
21 Luthien - from "The Silmarillion"
22 Tinuviel - Luthien's other name
23 Padme Amidala - from Star Wars
24 Freya - Norse goddess
25 Odin - Norse god
26 Emrys - Welsh for "immortal," Merlin from the Arthurian legend is referred to as "Merlin Emrys"
27 Castor - a constellation, one of two mythological Greek twins
28 Pollux - a constellation, the other of the two mythological Greek twins


mh605 said...

Thanks for the answers. You're one of the most literate young people I've ever seen.

FYI, Castor and Pollux are stars in the constellation Gemini. You might want to look up each star in Wikipedia, where there is an interesting article. Also look up "Castor and Pollux" together for the article about their place in Greek mythology.

Thanks for an interesting quiz!

Miss Eyebright said...

Oh, goodie! I won! I had no idea that there was a sequel to Kidnapped! I really enjoy Kidnapped, and Robert Louis Stevenson's other books, so I will have to look into that.

Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
Miss Eyebright