Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well, speaking of sonnets I wrote my first one yesterday:) I was just playing with the words but I decided that I liked it. It's for Una from Spenser's "Faerie Queene." If you've read the "Faerie Queene," you'll notice that it's supposed to have been written by the Redcrosse Knight. If you haven't read the "Faerie Queene," I do recommend it, but let me warn you that it's not the easiest reading...Did you know that it was considered archaic when it was published?

If anyone has any suggestions of things I should change in the poem, please tell me. I'd be happy to consider changing it.

Too long I labored, striving for your plight,
And little thought of you -- but of my name,
Then left my honor and my glory quite
Nor could I face myself for very shame.
I gave up everything that I'd possessed
(But had not known the worth of before then,)
And threw away, unknowing, my heart's quest,
And left myself for dead, the grave within.
Yet when I thought I'd nothing left in life,
And vowed to make a harsh and timely end,
You came and snatched away the cursed knife,
And rescued there the heart that I would rend.
So, in my darkest hour and deadliest place,
You turned my head towards the Amazing Grace.
-B.J.J aka StrongJoy

Note: I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I won't be posting for a couple weeks. Auf Wiedersehen....

2 comments: said...

I enjoyed your sonnet, although I haven't read The Fairie Queen. Bad me.

Annnnd I am in the EST zone, so... I'm not sure how that's going to work, and had been wondering about it, but I'm sure it will work sooner or later.


wings above earth said...

I enjoyed that poem, it is about discovering love, despite human pain!

Good words, but some readers may wonder what is "the Amazing Grace"

Well done! - it speaks well of life.