Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello Everyone,
Thank you all for the sweet messages and comments you've sent us since we landed in the U.S. Some things have been difficult or us, but we've had a lot of support and encouragement from many people and that has really helped. Thanks, you guys! I know for myself that I've pretty nearly got over the culture shock by now. There are still lots of weird things about America that I haven't quite got adjusted to yet, but lots of the differences in this country are positive. Did you know that America has some of the cheapest gas in the WORLD? We pay about seven or eight dollars a gallon over in Turkey. And it's not just gas that's cheap over here - practically everything is cheaper! And, of course, Americans have also been blessed with the best standard of living in the world. Yesterday I was thinking about this and realized that most Americans don't even realize how much they have and how little so many other people in so many other countries have. We take so much for granted, guys! In these first weeks of being here, I have decided one thing for certain - Americans have absolutely nothing material to complain about.

Yes, there are horrible things going on in our country - just a ten-minute conversation with a highschooler attending a public highschool reminded me of that- but, at the same time, right now in the U.S, if you make the right desicions, and work hard, you CAN succeed. If you are willing to study, you CAN go to college. If you are willing to work, you CAN get a job. If you are willing to save, you CAN buy a home. This doesn't apply in many parts of the world. Let's not forget how blessed we are!

That said, I must admit that I still miss Turkey and, given the chance, I'd jump on a plane and fly right back:)

Seize The Day!


Anya said...

I'm glad that you're surviving America. :) It does have a lot of great things which it is (unfortunately) extremely easy to take for granted.

Warning on Hitchhiker's Guide: It has a lot of great, and very quotable parts, but it also has a lot of extremely questionable material, as well as having been written by an atheist. Other than that... well... yes.

And we haven't watched National Treasure yet. Maybe we'll have to do that... quotable movies are always in high demand here!

Anonymous said...

You are right StrongJoy, we Americans do have more than we realize. That is the problem with our "great" nation.

I know you must miss Turkey. I am sad for you, dear friend. GI know God has a purpose for you here, at least for now. : )

Love you lots!
Miss Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of fun with ya'll on Thursday. I hope we can get together again soon!!!

~Faith B

Ps: The floor guys did come after all!!!(They're here right now putting in tile)

Kelly said...

OUCH! I think your comment about "most Americans" is a harsh and unfair generalization. Our standard of living didn't "just happen" and it exists today because of the hard working Americans that DON'T take so much for granted.

Maybe after you have settled into your SIX bedbroom house you will take the time to go meet the other America living the simple Godly life (the real majority that makes me proud to be American).

Like your mom always says- one step at a time...

Kelly (just a 12yo American girl)

StrongJoy said...

I should have probably said "many" Americans, not most. But I don't think you understood the tone of my post. I was praising America AND reminding us to be thankful for this great country. Reminding us not to take our blessings for granted in no way implies that Americans don't live simple Godly lives. And your remarks about our new six bedroom house reveal a critical attitude. Now you are judging someone you don't even know. Did you know that we lived for many years in tiny rental homes with no clean water or enough heat to stay warm? We were sick from worms and had cows and chickens living in our basement? I haven't even begun to tell you what living conditions we have experienced or the persecution we faced for being followers of Christ. The six bedroom house, God graciously gave us for the price of a 3 bedroom home. However, it is filthy inside with much work to be done. We are so grateful for the blessing. I think the Lord would prefer to see you rejoicing with us rather than criticising.

Seize The Day!